Visual concept of Third gate Bridge goes viral made by Mohsin Tahsildar

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A video which is a visual concept for a Bridge and traffic management at Third Gate Tilakwadi Belagavi has gone Viral on Social media today and each one is appreciating the work done by Mohsin Tahsildar, who is a professional video animator.

Already the foundation stone for the work on the RoB at Third gate has been done but this Visual concept puts forth an idea and how easily traffic can move from each side without any hassles.

The sad part is this concept which is really noteworthy will be only in digital media as in reality the RoB planned will be just a cross over RoB from this side of the gate to the other with no connections to Congress road or elsewhere.

This video shows the exact way how a Smart city should be planned and projects such as these will only make it smart.

Now many would say then why is the RoB not been built like that? Here you have to understand that it is the Railways who is building the RoB, as it wants to remove all the Level Crossings by 2020 and all the RoB’s are in this connection only and hence their main aim is to close the Level crossing and make an Overbridge.

However, if the Local City Corporation, BUDA come together they can make a plan similar to what is shown in the video, where the Railways builds the RoB and all other lanes, connections are done by the BUDA or the corporation.

But for that, we need foresightedness which is lacking.

In the mean time just enjoy this concept Video and also at the same time appreacicate the efforts of Mohsin and his team.

5 thoughts on “Visual concept of Third gate Bridge goes viral made by Mohsin Tahsildar”

  1. What’s the use… Even Rob frm gogate circle had a beautiful plan by bhartesh college students but some thing els we bgm people got…. So I thing it’s just to ignore it… Hope we get what is really planned frm so called Mp. Mla and so on…..

  2. What’s the point of study tours they conduct, if they cannot use it at the right time and right place(Rob), this shows these tours are nothing but waste of public ?

  3. We being a Belagavi citizens part of smart city, appreciate the efforts taken by Mr, Moshsin Tashildar. I personally believe that take him to consideration and try to implement the future plans. If one of our Belagavi gentleman taking innecetive for the betterment of our city. We always welcome such kind of advices.


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