Stone pelting at Khanjar galli again on Monday night

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Miscreants again pelted some stones and bricks in Khanjar galli around 9.30 pm on Monday. On Thursday there was another incident of stone pelting in the same area.

Police were informed and DCP Seema Latkar and ACP Barmani arrived on the spot and controlled the situation.

There are a few CCTV cameras near the area where this incident occurred but those cameras are not working sources said.


From 10 December the winter session would start in Belagavi and it seems the miscreants want to create some mischief before the session and this had happened in the previous year as well.

2 thoughts on “Stone pelting at Khanjar galli again on Monday night”

  1. This is a must to catch the culprits and put them behind the bars at least for five years for disturbing the peace of the city..

  2. Whoever suppose to make sure those cameras are in working conditions are not doing their job, and those official should be fired. Cameras in working condition would make lot easier to catch those crooks and put them behind the bars.


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