Summer Flow: Hidkal Releases 4,000 Cusecs of Water into Gokak Falls

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The drying up of the Ghataprabha River has caused a severe shortage of drinking water for both people and animals in the region. In response to this crisis, the Belagavi Regional Commissioner has ordered the release of four thousand cusecs of water from the Hidkal Reservoir on Monday, the 19th of the month.

Following this release, residents of Belagavi, Bijapur, and Bagalkot districts have met with Public Works and Belagavi Guardian Minister Satish Jarkiholi to request the release of an additional two TMCs of water from the reservoir through the river.

As a result, two TMCs of water, totaling four thousand cusecs, have been diverted through the Ghataprabha right canal into the Ghataprabha river. Currently, the Raja Lakham Gowda Reservoir at Hidkal holds 30.46 TMC of water, an increase from the 23.16 TMC stored during the same period last year.

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This year, due to insufficient rainfall in the Hidkal reservoir catchment area, the reservoir has not reached its full capacity. Despite this, the water continues to flow from the Gokak waterfall, showcasing the beauty of nature even during the dry season.

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