Belagavi’s Roads Used as Dumping Ground for Foundry Sand

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The charming city of Belagavi, renowned for its rich history and thriving industrial sector, is now facing a pressing environmental issue. The roads surrounding the Machhe Industrial Estate, a crucial center for manufacturing activities in the area, have become dumping grounds for used foundry sand, sparking concerns about potential risks to public health and the environment.

Recent reports have highlighted a troubling trend of widespread dumping of used foundry sand along the roads near the Machhe Industrial Estate. Foundry sand, a byproduct of the casting process extensively used in the foundry industry for molding and casting metals, is being irresponsibly discarded after its initial purpose. Belagavi, home to numerous foundries serving various industrial sectors, has seen a significant increase in the accumulation of this waste material on its streets.

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Implications for the Environment and Health:
The reckless dumping of used foundry sand presents a range of environmental and health hazards to the local community. Foundry sand often contains heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and chromium, along with other potentially harmful substances that can seep into the soil and groundwater, polluting the ecosystem. Additionally, prolonged exposure to airborne particles from the dumped sand can worsen respiratory conditions and pose long-term health risks to residents living near these dumping sites.

Despite the presence of regulations governing the proper disposal of industrial waste, inadequate enforcement and monitoring have emboldened offenders to disregard these norms without consequences.

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  1. None of the political party have focused any basic infrastructure development in Udyambag Industrial area. Inspite Udyambag being top in employing thousands of household. Even government earns lots of Tax from Udyambag


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