Suvarna Vidhan Soudha to be inaugurated in October

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Suvarna Vidhan Soudha, the Rs.400 crore plus mega structure built on the lines of the Vidhan Soudha of Bangalore is ready for inauguration and CM Shettar yesterday told press persons that the President Mr.Mukerjee had accepted the invitation and he would also address the joint session of the assembly mostly in the second week of October 2012. Deccan Chronicle said that 14th October was the date fixed but official announcement is awaited.

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The structure is ready for the big day and the entire interiors are ready and now the landscaping ahs to be completed. 

7 thoughts on “Suvarna Vidhan Soudha to be inaugurated in October”

  1. whats the advantage for belgaumite , other than price rise on every thing from land to foods,
    belgaumites will not benefit, we need infrastructure for city, industries, not a good luxury building for policticians, we have noticed land prices going up after the construction of vidhan soudha began
    and influx of people from outside, lets watch what else we have after sessions began

  2. Yes its good news but the thing is we can’t image the cost of living is so high .even there are not IT companies or MNC, is it just becoz Vidhan-soudha is coming up. just image with nothing its so costly if MNC’s are located then wat would be the Cost of living. So please save our belgaum !

  3. I do not want roads blocked due to unneccesary political security.
    I want the roads, infrastrurcture which is comparable to the second capital
    I want a modern multicultural atmosphere of #marathi, kannad, Goan,
    Can we make a city where all kinds of cultures are respected and be an example to the entire country.
    Can we seize this opportunity


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