Tension grips Angol area

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IMG_0580Tension gripped in Angol after a Group clash at Rajuhuns Galli Kubur Galli corner which left 5 injured. Situation is now under control and the injured have been admitted to hospital. Two groups clashed over the putting of a banner arch in the area. 

Police have been deployed.
Situation is under control. 

4 thoughts on “Tension grips Angol area”

  1. Now is the right time for the media to spread the unity in diversity and not to spread any religious conflicts because media,s one word can disturb the whole nation

    • I agree with Ravi. Fail to understand why we Indians still have biased mentality. Need to grow up & realize to share, contribute & be a part of the 20th century.

  2. I agreed with Ravi, I request all Belgamite don’t give the shape of religious violence, if having problem with any group, go to the police and resolve, and my kind request don’t go to any political leader to solve.


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