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The SaveIXG campaign

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SpiceJet has withdrawn all its 5 services from Belagavi(IXG) from May 14 and diverted it to Hubballi as it was allotted to the operator under RCS UDAN scheme.

But now time has come for citizens of Belagavi to Rise use the hash tag #SaveIXG where IXG is the a unique 3-letter code location identifier given by the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA).


Already Aravind Melligeri, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aequs Private Limited. Has created this hash tag on twitter and has been used by many others as well showing their concern about flights from Belagavi.

How you can join the #SaveIXG campaign

Simple be it Facebook or Twitter use the #SaveIXG and mention your concern.

You can also tag the following people on Twitter who are concerned with the aviation sector and ministry.






7 thoughts on “The SaveIXG campaign”

  1. As far aviation is concerned, shame on our Belagavi Politicians. Spicejet is suspending it’s aviation services and shifting to Hubballi from 15th of May 2018. Have shame you M. L. A’s & M . P’s. When you people are unable retain services. You people Resign from your Posts and Rest at Home. Atleast new people will come and and solve our problems. Shame on you all.

  2. People cannot simply hashtag SaveIXG and try saving the flights! Aviation is huge money oriented business and it is hard to run the business with few travellers. Before hashtagging SaveIXG, get the stats of travellers, fair and running cost.

    • Mr Mahesh, they are running on 80-90% capacity which encouraged them to start direct flights to Chennai & Hyd. Don’t think occupancy is the issue.

  3. Forget our MPs who are sleeping.But Sambre is the one of the oldest airport and even seen on international map and seen by me also from Oman.So give due respect to the airport and restore all the flights or ask Spice Jet to pay for the cost of renovation orelse ask the ministry of civil aviation to bear the cost.Or else we the citizens of Belgaum will be forced to file a case.

  4. Lack of political interest belagavi will always suffer. See hubbali all development begins at hubli. Forget about flights we dnt have intercity to belagavi, from hubli another intercity train added to it’s list vishwamanav exp runs daily hubbali to blore. High political voltage hubli always win. our beloved MP does nothing only working hard to establish his empire. Feel pity bgm ripped off from flying zone.

  5. And I thought the title of ‘smart city’ would mean better connectivity to the rest of the country!! Are we progressing or regressing?


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