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The Time Keepers of Belagavi-Hebbalkars and Hanuman

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Sri Krishnaji Hebbalkar commenced a new chapter in the time of Belagavi city when he started with a small shop to repair watches in October 1947.

Hailing from an agricultural background, there wasn’t much professional experience involved. It wasn’t until 1961, when the second generation, i.e, Shripad Hebbalkar started the retail store in the Name of ‘Hanuman Watch Mart’ of popular names of the time, some being Henri Sandoz, Camy, and Favre Leuba.

Belagavi-Hebbalkars and Hanuman watch martGradually with time, the shop included alarm clocks and wall clocks in its store. Some of the popular brands then were HES, Favre Leuba, and Nayaks.

The year 1977 marked a year of significance as the store was offered an exclusive dealership by HMT, a popular brand of the time. By this time, the shop had gained quite the name in the city and the district. Hanuman had become synonymous with the watch.

The public sector giant HMT ruled the market for 15 years till it’s slow fall, and the emergence of Titan watches changed the face of the game.

With the changing facade of marketing and evolution of technology the store had evolved to open with the dealership of Titan watches in 1993 by the third generation, i.e, Sanjay Hebbalkar.

The trust gained by the customers was immense and even though the shop was on the first floor, they did not mind the effort. The customers were promised the best products and the finest services and the company never failed to deliver.

In 2004 the store moved to the ground floor and eventually became the World of Titan, a name which is still known by people today.

Belagavi-Hebbalkars and Hanuman watch martThis year of 2019, they are completing 72 years of being in business and keeping Belagavi on time, if we can say that.
With this, the fourth generation, i.e, Siddhant, and Suraj, have launched the multi-brand watch store, Time Square 
(Rajdenra Complex, Nana Shankar Sheth Marg, Khade Bazar), which includes popular brands such as Titan, Casio, Timex, Fastrack, Sonata and exclusive wall décor clocks of Opal with the inclusion of wildcraft accessories. Spread over 600 sq.ft, this store promises to make up for the attention of the customers.

Belagavi-Hebbalkars and Hanuman watch martSince 1947 the Four Generations of Hebbalkar’s have managed to stay with the times and also serve the community to be on time.

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