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Umesh Katti demands separate North Karnataka

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Eight-time MLA Umesh Katti and Senior BJP leader kicked up a row on Friday demanding a separate statehood to North Karnataka as he cited lack of development in the region and inadequate relief to the victims of the recent floods.

Speaking to media persons at Hukkeri, Katti said, I am the Chief Ministerial candidate of the state. I don’t like the Deputy Chief Minister’s post. It is only a namesake post. I will become the Chief Minister of Karnataka or separate Uttara Karnataka state, one day for sure.

Laying the “road map of his dream state” of North Karnataka, Katti said it would include 13 districts from Karnataka and four from the neighboring Maharashtra, where there is a seizable presence of Kannada speaking public.


6 thoughts on “Umesh Katti demands separate North Karnataka”

  1. Realy we have to get separate uttar karnataka as another state we support this point .because south people never have whole hearted support in any field .l being a common citizen we realise being a Politician have a broad view development of uttar karnataka not assuming power we will be with you jai uttar karnataka _ UK

  2. I don’t know why Mr.katti is speaking in a very hobbsion manner.In our belagavi dist.
    everyone knows his political ambitions.Is he competent person what’s his calibre?
    Stop talking nuisance. and dirty politics. Instead you should work for flood affected people.

  3. It karnataka is divided in two states the development will be fast. Until now I have seen from my childhood there is no opportunity for graduated in belgaum one hS to migrate. If a few iT/IEtes companies are established, the students do have to mirgrate to other states leaving their old age parents on the mercy of relatives and neighbours. I myself settled in Lucknow but i still feel for my state. Jai uttar karnataka. Riaz ahmed kittur.

  4. Only few days back I had said, Katti’s has been show its place, the rise of Jolle has threatened thier existence, no wonder if he is in line to join congress as Ramesh J has moved to BJP, hope this govt survives and works for betterment of people


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