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Wall of Kindness at Belagavi Railway Station

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The Lions Club of Belgaum has started a ‘Wall of Kindness’ at the Belagavi Railway Station near the station entrance left side main building.


This is a permanent project of the club.
Here one can keep used good quality clothes, books, shoes etc which can be picked up by needy people. The items must be usable and must not be in tatters. Anybody can keep anything useful.



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7 thoughts on “Wall of Kindness at Belagavi Railway Station”

  1. It feels so nice to hear about such gestures especially if it’s your native place. Keep up with the good work. ?

  2. Great accomplishment. Salute u rotarians. U are the true flavour of india n humanity.i wish i could be one of your servant

  3. I’ve forwarded the link to this article to all my friends and relatives. Especially telling those that, like me, are NRIs WHO are PARticularly wasteful ?

    Stay blessed ?

  4. Great job, a much awaited project in instilling Charity and welfare measures in people’s mind to help the needy has finally git into action in Belagavi atlast. Hopefully people make sure that the things or products which are placed for donating are availed by the under preveleged people. This project should be implemented in other corners of the City also.


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