Thermocol home for Ganpati


makhar1makharEvery devotee welcomes Lord Ganesha to his/her home and ensures that his stay is most the comfortable during the period of the festival. This is that time of the year when each one is excited on arrival of the guest. Lord Ganesha is fed with some choicest of foods and clothes and worshiped each day. 

It also makes great sense and décor for the Lord to be placed in a very well designed temple during his stay in the house. Most prefer the Thermocol Makhar or Temple made from Thermocol. It may be a simple box temple or even something more elaborate with intricate designing and painting with carved pillars, windows, ribbons etc.
An exhibition cum sale of such beautiful makhars is on at Wangmay Charcha Mandal, Kirloskar Road. It houses makhars of Thermocol in sizes from 1 feet to 5 feet ranging from Rs.150 to Rs.6800.


All the designs are unique and have been collected from different places so that the consumer gets the best for his favorite deity



  1. We want a Thermocol temple and Sinhasan for Resale
    We require quotation with price list and photograph
    And also require Delivery time period
    Pleas contact us on this follow Numbers

    Dharmeshbhai – 9737429890
    Harsh – 7600015837

  2. Looks very impressive ! Its indeed a fine art out of thermocol. But care must be taken as its a highly combustible substance.

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