Touts create menace at stamp paper counter


The Touts take Rs. 25 more for stamp papers of all denominations. Touts stand in the queue much before the counters open Infact a couple of hours earlier. People who cannot wait buy stamp papers from them.

At the Ravivarpeth branch, they queue up at least two hours before the counter opens at 10.30 a.m. Some of them approach people standing in the queue with an offer to sell them stamp papers of any denomination for a fee of Rs. 25.


A senior official in the bank said that the bank was helpless and all its efforts to prevent sale of stamp papers by the touts had failed.

The only way solution to the problem was to have more counters that sell stamp papers, he said. The official said that despite the heavy rush for stamp papers and very few counters in the city, there was high pressure on the bank staff. It was for the police to check the menace of touts, he said.

Now look at this: The bank official is saying they cannot stop this as the counters are less and the staff has a lot of pressure. Why don’t they start giving stamp papers from more banks?  Why aren’t the timings for giving forms increased? The government should look into the matter and see that the stamp papers are made available from other banks also so that the touts have no leeway.

See original story: The Hindu



  1. when there are agents for purchasing rail, air, bus tickets, to do income tax works, for paying all sorts of bills, etc, similarly there must be agents to supply us stamp papers. the govt, should understand it and start the service of such agents once again, in the interest of people. with the use of latest technology, a full-proof system, can definitely be developed.

    where there is a will, there is definitely a way.

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