Trees to be painted in vibrant array of colors

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In a move that is sure to turn heads all over the city, 2,700 trees in Belagavi – including both small and large ones – are going to be painted in a vibrant array of colors.

This unique urban art project will create a stunning visual effect on the sides of roads throughout the city, transforming the landscape into a kaleidoscope of hues.

Locals and visitors alike can look forward to a spectacular show of color when driving through such areas during the summer months; with any luck, this unconventional yet brilliant initiative will serve as an inspiration for other urban art projects!

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MLA Abhay Patil gave out this information today while speaking to the media. He added that a similar idea was implemented years ago and now it will be taken up seriously.

The somewhat larger trees on the dividers will also be painted, and work has begun on Congress Road.

This road is lined with majestic, ancient trees that have been standing for generations and now are being painted.

Tree paint is a form of street art that is used to convey various social messages and promote awareness. It has become increasingly popular in recent years as an effective way of conveying a message at a low cost and with minimal disturbance to the local environment.

Tree paint helps to make important debates more visible, by providing people with accessible forms of communication which amplify the voices of those unheard or ignored – for example highlighting issues such as poverty, environmental degradation and racism. It also aids in sparking conversations between members of society that would not have otherwise occurred, particularly among younger generations who are gaining visibility through tree murals and other forms of public artwork. Ultimately, tree paint enables individuals to demonstrate their commitment to addressing complex social issues on an individual level while contributing towards a larger collective effort in pursuit of justice.

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  1. Using Trees for “Communication” ???. Sir before going to Trees, Request you to Address Major Issues of our City which we common ‘HUMAN BEINGS’ are facing practically & addressing to authorities on daily basis. Already in the name of Development our beautiful City has lost its Green Atmosphere, At least pardon the remaining trees.
    “If the Authorities are paying the money for this concept from their own pocket, then request you to utilize it some good cause”, if not then better provide “GOOD SAFE ROADS”.


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