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Two arrested trying to circulate fake currency notes 1.81 Crores notes seized


The Belagavi police on Monday arrested two persons who were trying to circulate fake currency notes and currency notes worth Rs. 1.81 crores were seized from them near Sri nagar, Belagavi.

Asif Shaikh who had worked in Dubai for 4 years used Corel Draw software to print fake currency notes. He had come to Sri Nagar to exchange the currency notes and the police waited for the deal to happen and they were surprised to see social worker Rafiq Desai at the spot.

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Rafiq Desai was to circulate the fake currency notes in the market. Rafiq was caught unaware of the trap laid by the police. Rafiq used to feed patients free at the District hospital.

Asif had come there on a scooter with 50 bundles of fake 2000 notes.

Asif Shaikh sitting Front (Purple Shirt) Rafiq Desai (Red)
Asif Shaikh sitting Front (Purple Shirt) Rafiq Desai (Red)

The notes with Rs 2000 face value have serial numbers 6FQ210241 and Rs 500 face value have serial number 6BP478309. Fake currency notes of face value Rs 1,00,81,500 were seized along with two scooters.



  1. It is shame on such people who are hurting the economy of our country. Law should give them the hardest punishment for this heinous act .


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