Two missing girls from Balekundri traced in Mumbai

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Speaking to the media DCP Seema Latkar said, the mystery has been solved of the missing two girls from Balekundri suburb which falls under the Marihal police station range.

According to the DCP, both girls went to Mumbai in search of a job and both are safe there.

The girls aged 21 & 24 ventured to Mumbai so that find a job and making a living on their own.

dcp-seema-pcBoth the girls left their home on December 6 and had 2000 cash with them. One of the girls used to write a dairy which helped the police to guess where they could have gone, and this was main clue which the police were able to break.

Some groups spread the news that it was love jihad, which was followed by hate speeches and arguments against the Muslim community. 

The girls took a train to Miraj and then they went to Mumbai, both the girls are safe in Mumbai she added.

2 thoughts on “Two missing girls from Balekundri traced in Mumbai”

  1. By the Way Let me know the Meaning of “LOVE JIHAD”.
    I here this word common now days since BJP got Elected in the Center.
    I think their “Dictionary” contains some special words which we Indians never heard before.
    Especially their WORDS in the name of Religion are creating “Black Spots” on our country & they think
    ‘India is Developing’. Am surprised how can people blindly follow “What they say”.
    Plz erase such words from your Dictionary which creates “Hate/Enemy” among we Indians.
    We all Indian are living together Peacefully though we are from different religions/Casts/locations.
    Plz dont try to divide us by saying ‘He is Muslim, He is Hindu, He is Christian, He is Sikh,,etc’.
    Instead of doing such useless things & creating rumors, better focus on the development of our Country. Try to do something Good to the people irrespective of any Caste/Religion which will be remembered by one & all.


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