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Understanding between Angadi and Joshi, hence Air bus shifted to HBX

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Member of Parliament Suresh Angadi has been quoted in newspapers that,

There is an understanding/agreement between Pralhad Joshi & Suresh Angadi, before the election.
As per that agreement, Air India shifting from Belagavi and Alliance Air will continue its services. It is not a question of the power of MP.

But why an agreement between MP’s and the citizens who have voted for you are kept in dark about this understanding or special arrangement.

Suresh Angadi
Suresh Angadi

The Air India flight shifted to HBX was the only Air Bus service to Belagavi and other cites take pride in boasting that they have an airport on which bigger airplanes land and take off. But with your intelligent understanding, city of Belagavi has lost this opportunity.

The understanding also defies logic. Why would anyone want to lose on a bigger aircraft when it had good load factor and mainly it was in the morning which was very ideal for travelers from here.

In the past as well, SpiceJet shifted all its services to HBX and our airport even after up-gradation was lying idle.

In reply on twitter –

Now that we have UDAN at Belagavi I can get any number of flights depending of the demand and feasibility. Let’s not get into any political or comparison mode. I assure my citizens that More flights and more routes will come soon

7 thoughts on “Understanding between Angadi and Joshi, hence Air bus shifted to HBX”

  1. What in the early is going on I just don’t understand. How can anyone come up for such deals for ones selfishness that’s just being so mean n shows not bothering about the belgaumites. Why is the airlines and ministry not bothered and there third party deals r on going. Please stop being selfish n do something good for which the citizens have elected you for. Be responsible do good. It’s hurts when we find out people or stabbing our back.

  2. First thing is creating two airports at Belagavi and Hubballi itself is a big mistake. The ministry of civil aviation and Airports Authority of India should have gone for one single air port for all three towns.

    They could have gone for One Big and well functioning airport for Belagavi, Hubballi and Dharwad somewhere near Kittur where we can have flights to multiple destinations. The questions of load factor then wouldn’t have come in picture at all, as there would be common flight for all the North Karnataka citizen.

    Simply waste of public money in this bloody Hubballi – Belagavi Competition.

    Pick Up AC buses at appropriate times for Belagavi, Hubballi, Dharwad would have generated more employment. Aam Aadmi wouldn’t have been robbed by Taxis and Auto Rickshaw people.

    With the budget of two domestic airports, we could have built one Awesome Airport that would have catered all the north karnataka people to multiple destinations that Hubballi and Belagavi now separately offer.

    There could have been one Rani Chennamma International Airport for all the North Karnataka people.

    This Hubballi – Belagavi competition is one BIG HOGWASH…

  3. Why ?? I don’t get this logic, why belgaumites have to loose the Airbus which was having 95% load . feel terribly let down by this illogical understanding!!

  4. First of all, I don’t understand why do people vote such a incapable MP who don’t know the difference between understanding and extortion.
    Hubbli MP extorted the AIR bUS from him.
    If this is some kind of understanding then it would have been reverse too.


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