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Unscientific speed breaker in Mahantesh Nagar claims a life

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By uday

A poorly constructed unscientific speed bump near a private school in Mahantesh Nagar Sector No. 12 of Belagavi has tragically claimed the life of a young man. The locals report that this speed bump was hastily erected only yesterday evening.

Late last night, 23-year-old Prateek Hongal, a resident of Mahantesh Nagar, lost control of his two-wheeler and collided with a tipper parked on the side of the road a few meters away. Unfortunately, the accident went unnoticed due to the late hour.

Around 5:30 in the morning, a local resident on their way to the temple discovered a young man lying on Road. As he did not have a phone with him, they were unable to call for help. When Prateek’s mother finally called on his phone, the passerby answered and told him about the accident and it was too late, and the young man had already passed away.

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The residents of Mahantesh Nagar are outraged that unscientific speed bumps have been installed in many parts of the area, leading to frequent accidents and injuries. They have called on the authorities to take action and remove these dangerous obstacles. Additionally, they have demanded that vehicles, such as tippers, should not be parked on the roadside.

Prateek Hongal’s elder brother, who had recently completed his engineering studies and was working in a private company in Pune, is now mourning the loss of his younger brother. Prateek was living alone with his mother, and his untimely death left the family devastated. They are calling for immediate action to prevent others from suffering the same fate.

A case has been registered at Malamaruti Police Station, and the investigation is ongoing. It is imperative that the authorities take swift action to address the issue of dangerous speed bumps and prevent further loss of life.

5 thoughts on “Unscientific speed breaker in Mahantesh Nagar claims a life”

  1. Whoever is responsible for allowing, constructing and not alerting public with sign board about the speed breaker “must be pulled to court and an unimaginable compensation must be slapped on the parties.”
    Tomorrow it could be someone from your family?

  2. Who is the culprit , who should be punished. The authorities are least bothered about the citizens safety.They only wake up when any untoward incident takes place.

  3. Speed breakers, sadly spring up unannounced throughout the city. There are hardly any signs at most locations. The callousness of the administration is so brazenly on display, yet nothing changes and the blame game plays out for a while. After few days, everything is forgotten and the bereaved family is the only unfortunate loser, until the next similar incident with someone else.
    I hope the culprits in this case are identified, held accountable, and punished maximum as determined by law, so that it becomes a deterrent for future similar contractors and officials concerned.

  4. There is one more deadly speed breaker at the very dead end of double road of Mahantesh Nagar when taking a right turn going down towards Auto Nagar (very end of double road after Sai Mandir straight), the moment you take that right turn you will immediately find a speed breaker, which can be fatal, it should have been away at some distance if it is needed. Please let the authority check the placement of this speed breaker too, it will definitely take you by surprise.

  5. Prateek was a very good and matured person I miss him a lot..he was like a bestfriend teacher guider motivator and more for…it’s been 8 months now….still there is no day without his memory and tears in eyes miss you lot prateek 😭


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