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Use RTI & LOKAYUKTA Act to make the difference & stop corruption

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Mr.Gangadhar, is a RTI (Right to Information) activist and he is calling all Belgaumites to come forward and use the said RTI act 2005 and also the LOKAYUKTA ACT 1986 to stop corruption.


He has appealed to all people to come together who want to see Belgaum developing.

He has an idea and cleared path towards a prosperous Belgaum. He is working for PRAGATI BELGAUM, where they use RTI ACT 2005 and LOKAYUKTA ACT 1986. “We always talk about non development and lethargic attitude of Govt. official’s. “

He wants every citizen to think once about these two questions.
1) Why should we tolerate such a dirty attitude of Govt. employees, are they doing any favor to us by working?
2) Where does the tax payers money goes, which every citizen pays?


Ganhadhar  answers to first question – Any govt. official let it be DC(District Commissioner) are not doing any favor to us by doing our work, Govt pays them and that is nothing but our own Tax paid money. Why should we tolerate any filthy attitude? It’s their responsibility and job if they can’t do; they better leave it because there are many unemployed in queue.


Answer to second questions – What happens to the tax which we all pay honestly and unconditionally to the Govt.?
 Why should the Govt. official eat that money and deprive us from its benefits. Who is responsible for backwardness of any region and place?

Our hard earned money goes to the pocket of corrupt officials and we remain mute saying I don’t have time. Corruption has become part of our society and people have become used to it, we all have accepted it as a part of life.


To answer these question and many more such queries he joined Pragati Belgaum and commenced my work exploiting RTI act 2005 And LOKAYUKTA act 1986. He has used it in many circumstances and different departments.


In the first step when we find something wrong we file and RTI application seeking details of that particular work. Then some research on it to find out where money has been siphoned and when it’s apparent, they file an affidavit with lokayukta department who will peruse the case further.


In case of any official demanding money either we warn them through lokayukta or trap them. Even in case of undue delay and harassment we can use Lokayukta act.

Believe me it’s really handy and effective. Its not once or twice I have done it, he visits Lokayukta office frequently and get the work done in no time. He wants all the Belgaumites to make use of these weapons and work for better Belgaum rather that just talking.

Never say why should I do it or nothing will happen by one person. If everyone starts thinking in that sense this situation will persist forever.



You can email Mr.Gangadhar at: [email protected]


AllAboutBelgaum team will try and get you some results of these RTI and Lokayuta traps set up by these people.

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