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Vote or No Vote your choice

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Negative voting, I don’t want to vote for anyone, these thoughts might have come in your mind and for the first time you have chance to do this for Belgaum in the poll Vote or No Vote.

All those who have voted already and if they wish to vote for “No one is worth my vote” vote again.

Also know more about negative voting here. In practical there is not law by which one can do this in an election as of now. This is just an online poll.

Sec. 49-O: A Big Myth Exploded: Elections Commissions reply

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1 thought on “Vote or No Vote your choice”

  1. All the Candidates in past have only grabbed vote Bank. but has anyone ever thought of development of our sweet little town. Rather we all citizens are misguided by these politicians on Caste and Language lines.Which is shamefull to we as indians.Mostly this happens in rural areas where people are uneducated.
    Our Social organisations must emphasise the point in Voting the right candidate rather than the Political Party.
    Its now time to Vote the Candidate & not the party.Its time to wake up.
    The past statistics is itself the evidence of all of these.So think and cast your Vote.
    Jai hind !!


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