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Merits and Demerits of Belgaum candidates

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Continuing with media coverage of the elections here is one more bit from ExpressBuzz.

I have concised the whole story for easy comparison.



A B Patil

Suresh Angadi

Amarsinh Patil


1. Given a new life for JD(S), which was staring down the barrel in the district after defection of Balchandra Jarkiholi and Umesh Katti to BJP?

2. A B Patil who has worked as a minister in H D Deve Gowda’s cabinet is also eyeing the Lingayat and Muslim votes.

3. Since Lingayats constitute considerable chunk of electorate Patil can expect lots of Lingayat votes.

1. From the ruling party and thus getting funds would become easier.

Claims to having fulfilled all the assurances made in previous elections.

2. Aims to make Belgaum an important place in Karnataka.

3. Promises to get “several crores of rupees” to enable development.

4. He wields clout among the Lingayats (the constituency has 4,70,000 Lingayats) and that might fetch him their votes

1. He will still get Muslim, OBC and Kuruba votes and it would be easy for him to win.


2. He is confident of getting Kuruba votes en masse.

He says, minorities and Dalits are safe only under Congress rule.


1. Patil earlier tried to get Congress ticket and when he failed to get it, joined JD(S). That has made a dent in his credibility 


1. He was recently embroiled in a controversy over the hoisting of a saffron flag atop the newly-built Belgaum City Corporation office.

2. Marathis still have not decided their stand but in a recent meeting of MES, it gave a call to Marathis not to vote for BJP.

1. Ramesh Jarkiholi, the Congress MLA from Gokak, had strongly opposed the candidature.


 But on the ground the constituency faces numerous problems. There is very less industrialization and all the promises of an IT hub etc are still on paper. People want direct connectivity to Mumbai by air and want more number of trains to Bangalore and Mumbai. Drinking water is a evergreen problem & even after the 24 hours distribution in some parts still nothing major seems to have been achieved.

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