Ramesh Kudachi continues Party-hopping now joins BJP

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Party-hopping has become the order of the day. It is no more surprise for the people to see their “leaders” quitting a party and joining another, which he or she has been criticising and opposing on various issues.kudachi

 To join this gang is Ramesh Kudachi the former Congress MLA from Belgaum, who was in the JD(s) till Wednesday, has now joined hands with Suresh Angadi and has asked people to vote for Angadi. He and some of his supporters have publicly supported Angadi in a public meeting yesterday, but the official announcement is yet be made.

 Party hoppers are no less and these parties also take in all the hoppers as they know they will do the same one day. Party hopping is a necessity now. No ideologies nothing it’s just opportunist politics. Unlike in the past, leaders now party-hop only for personal gains and not for the sake of the people or any ideology.

3 thoughts on “Ramesh Kudachi continues Party-hopping now joins BJP”

  1. dear blogger i think you have a rivalry with this man?!!!
    he has no yet joined . he may who knows ,did u meet him? go meet him ask why he is supporting angadi.dont you think this is opportunistic journalism? armchair journalism? writing without getting the facts? bashing a specific sect ,person or party when u get a chance?about personal gains and blah blah!! dont you have personal gains when u write this blog? do you follow any ideology when writing this blog?if yes id like to know. dont tell me you are not biased!!! dont give me or ur readers that b.s

    • Dear Sharat, See what have written, a news has to be a news, whats the ideology hopping parties. I have not met anyone but have personally seen him in the meeting with Angadi at M G Tower. I am not a opportunistic journalist as i am not a journalist at all. I just keep forth the common mans voice. I have nothing to do with any single person or party. All news paper have published that Kudachi will joined BJP and some say will join on Sunday.
      Even I have written not yet officially joined. I suppose I can write this.


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