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Helipad is a meeting point

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This picture was taken on Tuesday 07-04-2009 at 6.15 pm at the temporary helipad made by the MLIRC during their various training sessions on the Savgaon Road (after Nanawadi). This road has normally very less traffic and you can see a lot of evening walkers on the sides. helipad

 That day in particular I was there with my kids and wife to play as normally no one turns up & I love capturing the sun setting at the backdrop there but to my surprise I saw this gang of boys and girls and one more couple there. After a few minutes one girl was waiting for someone and at last her friend came in. In all I saw 5 couples there on the ground who walked down further away, from the boys and girls in the photo also.

 Down the same road a new college Angadi Institute of management and technology is being constructed once that’s started this helipad could become be a Friends point or Lovers point, it depends on you, and how you take it.

 I don’t want to make any comments on this photo, I would ask each one of you to comment on this.

16 thoughts on “Helipad is a meeting point”

  1. Why would the photographer even invade into someones elses privacy ?

    We live in the 21st century !! dont be a neg-101 and the the students enjoy themselves.

    They are all above the age of 18, educated and im sure understand what is right or wrong.

    All us belgaum people need to get out of this frame of mind and we need to open up to new culture. As long as the kids in the picture are not being “obscene” none of us have the right to invade into their privacy.

    • The photographer never invaded anyones privacy and i guess privacy cannot be on the open ground.
      And I have not commented anything on this its left to you how you perceive it.

  2. My friend… Privacy is not only behind closed doors.

    Im sure concent of the Kids was not taken when the picture was taken…So that for sure is Invasion of privacy.

    Friends point or Lovers point ..!!! wat does that mean..??~~??
    Goes to show the ridiculous thought process.

    With all due respect.. Yr blog is brilliant and i love to read gives me all necessary updates… my only request is…Dont be a moral police.. No body appointed you as one.

    • Now this is no moral policing, Were you in that Gang? if you were also i have nothing to do. It ur life. U are looking at this from moral policing point of view, look at it from a point of view of information to all those lovers who have no place to meet and have privacy.
      I have given them information about it, now do you agree with me on this point atleast.

  3. Noname,

    I dont think the blogger invaded anyones privacy on this post. We all know that the Race course was formerly used for such meets. The teens do such things & there is nothing wrong about it.
    Blogger called a MORAL POLICE :- You really miss Mathalik I guess !!

    Were you in that Gang?????????

    Noname, dont tell me that if you are on the Miami beach, You dont cherish watching those beauties in swimsuit ! Now do you call this invading someones PRIVACY ??

    Have fum guys ! Lets work towards a better Belgaum !!

    • 🙂 The Race course was being used for unwarranted activities and hence is now closed for public. The whole race course is fenced and there is only gate as entrance and that too is closed most of the times.

  4. Well I dont think that the photographer has ever invaded the privacy. Well grow up. Stop posting being anonymous & do you expect to have privacy on an Open Ground.

    Infact appreciate the post rather than disgracing the thread.

    \m/ Hope to see some good comments.

  5. I only hope ..people keep this place clean and dont litter around..thnx uday for letting me know about this place ..i will be going there soon

  6. I don’t know who this Noname is! But i can say with great pitty and humility that because this kind of uncultured practices, the age old culture of Bharat is getting endangered and the consequences will be dire…

  7. My school buddy took me to this place when we were in 6th(94/95)…. there is(was) a small pond nearby … it used be cool calm place with no disturbance(people) around…. Hope it remains unchanged

  8. Its changed a lot. Now its under Army. Heli training is going on since few days. Prior it was used by the Army ppl as a training rig to train the Army ppl for Truck Driving. Now its changed.

  9. Its not onli a fren's point or a lover's point…… It can also be taken as a hanging out place or a picnic spot as it is far away from the city pollution…… Just as AMBOLI, TILHARI etc….. So guys try to be practical sometimes….

  10. Well, I am a great fan of your blog and read with utmost interest to keep myself updated with happenings in Belgaum. Whats wrong with this picture I dont understand. Friends do meet and greet, be it combination of girls and/or boys. they might as well have come to enjoy the sunset like you, your wife and kid! Right? Instead of sunset, you ended up taking their picture. What is the point? You blog about getting IIT, IT park, etc etc. now you get down to this topic of boy meeting girl, girl meeting boy.

  11. The guy who took this photo seems to have double standards…

    All the oldies would have done the same thing themselves (even with lesser opportunities), during their age…. when it comes to the next generation, they want to behave like wardens.

    I do not understand where the morals are affected…, and why such big words like moral policing ?



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