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If Rabri Devi can why not Kasturi

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Continuing with the media coverage here is one more Hatke story: Additional inputs have been added to the story from the affidavits. Source: Deccan Chronicle

If Rabri Devi, who has studied only up to class four, could become Bihar CM, why can’t Kasturi function as an MP.


Spotting a poor candidate among the multitude of Crorepatis contesting the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections is no easy task. One among this rare lot is daily wage worker Kasturi who is contesting from the Belgaum parliamentary constituency.

Kasturi has been walking barefoot since she vowed four years ago not to wear footwear till a Kannada flag was hoisted atop Belgaum City Corporation. A resident of Ashray Colony in Belgaum, she has worked as a cook for seven years at the residence of a senior politician in Belgaum.



View Affidavit

View Affidavit

She has 50,000 cash and her husband has precious metal worth Rs. 15342 nothing else. She has passed her 5th Std. from Desnur Ashram Tal: Bailhongal.

An ardent supporter of Kannada, Kasturi is being supported by various pro-Kannada organisations who have taken charge of her election campaign. “Hoisting a Kannada flag atop Belgaum City Corporation will be my first task if I am elected. The only objective of my life is to stop the continued atrocities of Marathi people on Kannadigas in Belgaum,” she says.

“The court may has ordered not to hoist any flags other than the tricolour on the government buildings, but my struggle will continue until the court allows the hoisting of the Kannada flag atop the corporation,” she asserts.

Her husband works as an agricultural labourer In the affidavit filed with the election commission, Kasturi said she had Rs 50,000 in cash and a 10 gram golden mangalsootra.

She has been involved in pro-Kannada movements since 1994 and was jailed four times during the pro-Kannada protests in Belgaum in the last few years.

Campaigning barefoot has not been easy. “I developed pain in my feet and had to be admitted to hospital twice,” she says

Several Kannada leaders like Arjun Hampiholi and Rajendra Desai are supporting her. Hundred Kannada workers in Belgaum contributed Rs 100 each to help her file her nomination papers. When asked whether a class four dropout would be able to work effectively as MP, her supporters said, “If Rabri Devi, who has studied only up to class four could become Bihar CM, why can’t Kasturi function as an MP?”


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