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Voters list pandemonium

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Since this morning on the voting day for the Corporation election we received many grieved voices of first time voters and also others who could not find their name in the voters list. 

Here are few of the instances which need to be looked into by the Election commission seriously:

Chaitanya was very excited to vote for the first time and when he went to the polling booth he was surprised to see someone else’s photo in place of his and hence was denied voting.
In some cases the name of the deceased was on the voters list but the spouse’s name was shown as deleted.
In a few cases the photo was missing hence they were denied voting it is reported. In Shahpur Aadhar card was not accepted as proof but eventually the person was allowed to vote.

Amar, spent more than 4 hours searching for his polling booth in RC nagar and never found one and each booth he was sent to another one, at last he gave up the search and said enough is enough.

In some cases the name was visible on the Internet voter list but the same not reflected on the one in the pooling booth.

Sachin Anvekar was surprised to see that 5 names from his family were deleted. Shobha had downloaded the voters list from the Election commission’s website for ward No.17 but to her surprise 3 names were deleted from the voters list which was there at the booth.  Umesh Chavan said 8 names from his family were missing from the voters list. A lady who was voting for the past 30 years could not vote this time as her name was missing. 


Balaji said, My Fathers and my Aunts name were missing from the voter list but 3 days ago during campaigning the said names were there in the voters list brought by the candidates, but today the names were missing from Ward No.19.  

At the same time many also conveyed that they were very happy voting for the first time.

The Assembly elections are due in a couple of months and if these discrepancies are not sorted out the pillar of democracy will not stand tall.


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