Waiting to be hanged at Hindalga


After the decision on Ajmal Kasab was pronounced all over Mumbai people distributed sweets and busted crackers as if the daemon was killed and all is well now.

The process until his actual hanging may take many years. See at this the wait for the those on the death line at the Central Prison at Hindalga here, include 38 of the 42 condemned prisoners of Karnataka, has been 10 to 15 years since they have been sentenced. Those on death row include four associates Veerappan and 11 convicts of bomb blasts about eight to ten years ago.

Mercy petitions of six, including the associates of Veerappan, have been pending with the President of India since 2004, two with the Karnataka Governor, appeals of 20 in Karnataka High Court, one in the Supreme Court and nine in the Dharwad circuit bench of the High Court.

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The Hindalga jail was built by the British in 1923 and has three gallows. The last hanging was done in November 1983 of Hanumant Malla, convicted of five murders.

Siddappa Rayappa Kamble who has assisted in 11 hangings here is ready to hang Kasab, if given the duty. He has just one year in service but he is ready to do the job if he is called for.

The Hindalga Jail spreads over an area of 99 acres. It has a capacity to accommodate 1,162 prisoners.


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  1. Yet Many Years 🙁
    be merciless guys come on he killed around 200 hundred Innocent ppl & destroyed around corers of money properties
    In my Manner he should had ben Hanged the right day which he was caught
    He has no right to live any more 🙁
    Our India wil Never Understand The feelings of Common Man


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