Ward budget of 10 Crore to South and 9 crore to North constituency wards

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Funds have been allocated for the corporators even before they are sworn in, a stark contrast to earlier years when the Ward Budget was not given to the corporators despite a resolution in the general meeting.

Commissioner Dr. Rudresh Ghali has approved the Ward Budget, initially only for the councilors of the south division of the city, but after MLA Anil Benake met with the commissioner, an additional 9 crores were allocated for the North.

Ward budget-
North- 9 Crores

South- 10 Crores


The development works done in the city from the Municipal Corporations’ own funds are known as Ward Budget works. Now, in the lead-up to the assembly elections, corporators will receive this fund without having to ask.

The funds the Municipal Corporation receipts are used for development works in the city, with a certain amount kept in reserve for each ward from this fund. This will ensure that the city’s growth is not hindered by the upcoming elections.

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