Wells drying up after new Borewell dug up at Kala Mandir premises

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The residents around Kala Mandir were surprised to see the water level in their wells go down drastically in the last one week.

Many residents have submersible water pumps which have to be always under water. Since the water levels went down suddenly, many pumps went out of service and needed a repair and it was then the residents came to know about the drop in water levels.

Initially, the blame was on the summers. People assumed that this year the summer was so intense that dried their wells which never happened in decades. Very soon they came to know about the real reason when they saw a few tankers at Kala Mandir.


A borewell has been dug at Kala Mandir. Many water tankers are in queue filling a million gallons of water per day. The water is used for watering (curing) the newly laid concrete Congress road.

Few people are also forced to order water tankers for their daily requirements, thus causing an extra financial burden.

The residents request the concerned authority to order external water tankers and not to extract water from borewells as it may affect the water table on a long term basis.

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