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What Crap! At these Waterfalls- they aren’t dumping grounds

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Popular Scenic Spots, have been Turned Into Dumps Due To Littering By Visitors.

Belagavi is blessed with natural beauty in its surroundings and most of the waterfalls, known and the so not very known have become dumps due to littering by visitors.

The western Ghats as numerous waterfalls big and small but no one wants to save them for the future, each one just wants to enjoy, litter and go away.

Look at this Jalwani falls (Sural Goa State) not known to many until this pandemic was over, the crystal clear blue water is now full of plastic bottles on the sides.

jalwani sural falls

For so many decades this was an untouched beauty and only a few trekkers who knew about it used to trek to it, but this year it has become a place of Jatra.

The Jalwani Falls near Sural (Goa state) has been littered so much now it looks like a garbage dump. One has to blame ourselves who cannot preserve nature.

To all those who had visited the place please retrospect what have you left behind. The Govt of Goa must act and prevent such littering

In a bid to restrict people from littering at these places simple measures, such as putting up boards warning not to throw garbage and bottles inside waterfalls.

Tourists visiting these places throw plastic, wrappers and liquor bottles inside the waterfalls. Many times, the broken pieces of bottles hurt cattle as well as villagers, who drink from these waterfalls. This need to be stopped, and through our campaign we are trying to do just that, make more and more people aware about the repercussions of littering.

For cleaner Waterfalls:

Put up signboards with strict warnings about litter at every waterfall

Install garbage bins

Ban alcohol at tourist spots

Ask police to patrol the area and crack down on the use of narcotics and alcohol

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