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When will mayor fulfill promise


Mayor N.B. Nirwani speaking to press persons on 6th October promised that the working of the BCC will be made more transparent and also all details about the 100 crore grant will be put up on the website.

But the mayor is yet to declare the same on the website. The information about the Rs.100-crore project was accessible only by the officials concerned.


We in a democracy should know where our money is being spent and even when the Mayor of a city promises to do so, he does not fulfill his promise.



  1. Rs 100 crore is already eaten up by these corrupt politicians ….now what he is goin 2 put on website guys. all are corrupt …….
    i think we need a strong media who can expose dem and put dem behind the bars…
    our hardly earned money is eaten up by des corrupt peoples which we r paying as a tax…

  2. what non sense !! Plz guys dont believe these mayor and all !! i seriously think these guys dont hav any real power.. if they can seriously spend 100crores on belgaum just one time , it can change whole belgaum picture !! i think if govt allocates 100 crores then by the time it reaches actual implementation it wil b 100 Rs .. from chaprasi to mla will have their shares into it .. bloody swines !! fed up wid these people 🙁

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