Where are the beds for COVID patients?

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Getting a bed for COVID patient is the worst nightmare anyone can go through.

Many cities have made dashboards such information is available.
Like the BBMP Benagaluru

But in Belagavi it is all Ram Bharose. No one actually knows which hospital has beds available. Go any where they no beds.

Even Civil says no Beds then what are the options ?
The district administration must wake up and share data of hospitals which treat covid and the occupancy and availability.

Patients are dyeing as they spend the critical time in finding a bed.

The health care system must be revamped, we have that Integrated command control center what is it doing ? If such infrastructure cant be utilized in times of need why spend on it.

Each day we get many calls of anxious relatives trying to find a bed for their kin.

But here who knows where are the beds and where to go?

The Ministers, MLA’s, MP’s have to come forward and make some arrangements in form of data sharing. Our CM is arriving at Belagavi on Monday to make an aerial survey of flood-affected areas.

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Lack of oxygen is another thing which is bothering many, where are the MPLAD funds why not use for buying it?

Calling Belagavi the second capital, building a Suvarna Vidhan Soudha will not help any patients. Actions must be visible on the ground.

Why is that if in Bengaluru and other cities such dashboards can be made why not in Belagavi?

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