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By uday

The tormentor has arrived and this time with promises to stay. How inconsiderate? Our brains have been blessed with a natural casing and why do we need another? Why the hell do we need a casing of fibre when we have one made of bone material?

As it is, the summers are hot enough and to add to the sweltering heat, the compulsion of the helmet. Why do they wish to see Star Wars on the street? What a pity!!! Why doesn’t anyone consider what happens to our hairstyle. Forget the hairstyle, why don’t they think of what happens to the hair itself? The sweat and the heat are a deadly combine that will ensure loads of scalp problems and dandruff, not to mention, hair loss. What about the tons of make-up that will be washed down the face?

Riders fined for not wearing helmet in Belagavi

Something that everyone dreads; don’t they? Is the government just trying to ensure that the shampoo and cosmetic sales improve?

As it is, we have a million tensions and these keep the brain overheated. A clear and open head makes sure that this heat dissipates and we retain our cool. How could they not consider this?

And we are skilled riders, aren’t we? Look, they are the ones who certified this when they gave us the license to ride, isn’t it?

Millions of questions and no one seems to care. How unfortunate, how inhuman!!!

Helmet fines on a Single day (March 1, 2016): Total cases 1156 and fine collected Rs. 116100

– Traffic police

Staggering statistics! The first thoughts that come to the minds of the defaulters have just been mentioned.

One sensible rule made by the government and the whole populace seems to be in agony. Even after the accidents and the deaths, nothing seems to serve as the wakeup call. Everyone is just so sure that it won’t happen to them that they consider it worth the risk. Surely the one change we see is people carrying helmets but their position defies their purpose. A head casing that dangles rather uncomfortably on the handle of the motorcycle or stays put in the feet of the gearless bikes; this is not what the law was made for. Children, parents, the educated and the uneducated, everyone seems to have lost it.

Sometimes one wonders why one should care, least of all, those that travel in a car but the sight and the insensible behavior is overwhelming.

The government also seems to be not too keen on really doing what it should be doing. Just imposing fines once in a while is not going to solve anything. Why did they do away with the rule itself in the first place? Is it just that they wish to ensure that the helmet manufacturers keep getting steady sales since over time the unused helmets become worthless? Why is it so that sometimes the head is safe and sometimes it is not? Forget the pillion riders, even the person in front does not seem to care for what is his or her head.

Should they be allowed this choice? Should there be a compulsion?

If it’s a head that has a brain within, it will surely comply, otherwise,


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