Widespread rain in Belagavi district: Increase in inflow of rivers; No flood threat: DC

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Over the past four days, the district has experienced consistent rainfall. Deputy Commissioner Belaagvi Nitesh Patil has reassured the public that the increased inflow in the Krishna, Ghataprabha, and Malaprabha rivers does not pose a threat of flooding at the moment.

On Sunday, June 23, Deputy Commissioner Belagavi Nitesh Patil, along with the Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer and Superintendent of Police, visited various locations in the district, including the river basin. During this visit, he provided updates to the media.

Currently, the Krishna River has an inflow of 1.07 lakh cusecs, the Ghataprabha river has an inflow of 30 thousand cusecs, and the Malaprabha River has an inflow of 13.50 thousand cusecs. As a result, the water level in the Alamatti, Hidkal, and Navilutirtha reservoirs is gradually rising, which will prove beneficial for drinking water and crop cultivation in the upcoming days.

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Farmers and the public should be aware of the following information:

Several small bridges in the district have been submerged, and it is crucial for both the public and farmers to exercise caution. Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil emphasizes that these flooded roads should not be used under any circumstances.

Preparations for Potential Flood Management:

Fortunately, the district has not yet experienced any flooding. However, as a precautionary measure, the Deputy Commissioner has ordered visits and inspections of villages along the river. Various departments, including the district administration and police, are making all necessary preparations to handle any potential flood situation.

As a precaution, care centers have been identified, and plans are in place to rescue people and livestock in emergency situations. Boats and other essential equipment for emergency operations are readily available. Additionally, the concerned departments have made arrangements for medical supplies and cattle fodder, as stated by Deputy Commissioner Patil.

Restrictions on Visiting Waterfalls in Forest Areas:

Due to the rain, there has been a significant increase in the number of people visiting waterfalls. However, for safety reasons, the public will be prohibited from visiting falls located within forest areas, according to the DC. Forest department guards, tour guides, and police personnel will be deployed to monitor the situation. Tourists are also urged not to take selfies in dangerous areas at other falls.

Traffic Restrictions on Bridges:

District Superintendent of Police Dr. Sanjiv Patil has announced that barricades have been placed on fifteen bridges in Belgaum district due to water flow. Police personnel are stationed on both sides of these bridges, and vehicular and public traffic is restricted.

To ensure safety, awareness campaigns are being conducted in villages along the riverbed. Additionally, staff members have been deployed at tourist spots to take necessary precautions.

Warning to residents of the Vedaganga-Dudhganga river basin:

A team of senior officials recently conducted an assessment of the Ghataprabha river near Suthagatti village in Belgaum taluk. They then proceeded to inspect the Vedaganga-Dudhganga riverbed in Nippani taluk.

During this visit, Nippani MLA Sasikala Jolle, who was present, engaged in discussions with the Deputy Commissioner regarding necessary measures to manage potential floods. Additionally, he visited Bhivashi, Karadaga, and Jatrata villages within the river basin to assess the situation.

It is important to note that the Vedaganga-Dudhganga rivers currently have the highest inflow, with a total of 24 thousand cusecs of water. Consequently, residents of this river basin must exercise caution. Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil has urged them, if possible, to relocate to higher safe areas along with their livestock.

Furthermore, Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil personally observed the inflow of the Krishna river near Manjari Bridge in Chikkodi. He instructed officials to maintain constant vigilance over water levels and rainfall.

It is crucial to provide early warnings to the residents of the river basin regarding the hazardous situation. Deputy Commissioner Patil emphasized that the protection of people and livestock should be the top priority during emergency situations. Subsequently, officials boarded a boat to visit Yadoor village and assess the necessary measures to be taken along the riverbank.

Present during these assessments were Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer Harshal Bhoyar, Chikkodi Deputy Divisional Officer Madhav Gitte, as well as other officials from Revenue, Irrigation, Police, and various other departments, along with Tehsildars.

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