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Winter session is tourism while Suvarna Soudha is touring talkies- Abhay Patil

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The Suvarna Vidhan Soudha was constructed to promote the development of Belagavi and North Karnataka. However, the demand for establishing a government office in this location remains unmet, as the existing office has been relocated to Hubablli.

Regrettably, the Suvarna Soudha has become more of a tourist attraction rather than a functional government building. Belagavi Dakshin MLA Abhay Patil has expressed his disappointment, stating that the winter session has turned into a mere sightseeing trip.

During a discussion on this matter in North Karnataka today, MLA Abhay Patil highlighted the issues faced by the Chorla Jamboti road, which connects Goa to North Karnataka via Belagavi. This road has become problematic, leading entrepreneurs from Goa to turn to Kolhapur instead. Consequently, the trade in Belagavi has suffered, necessitating urgent repairs to the road.

Furthermore, it is imperative that the widening of the road from Belagavi city to Sambar airport is completed promptly. Additionally, the KAT Bench court currently operates from rented premises, which is unjust. A dedicated building should be constructed to house the court.

In terms of industrial development, Belagavi has been neglected, with most industries being established in Bangalore and Hubli. This has resulted in the delay of the Belagavi IT Park project. Moreover, the expansion of Belagavi’s Sambara Airport is crucial, requiring an extension of the runway. The government must allocate space for this purpose.


The condition of the weavers has significantly deteriorated. Although the government has purchased cloth from these weavers, they are now refusing to pay for the purchased clothes due to the request of traders from other states. Consequently, the purchased clothes are currently lying with the government, causing further distress for the weavers.

Another pressing issue in Belagavi is the shortage of teachers in government schools. To address this problem, the government should allocate both space and funds to establish an international standard sports complex at Yellur promptly.

Furthermore, the Suvarna Soudha, which is only utilized during the winter session, should be utilized throughout the year by government offices. This would optimize the use of this facility and enhance its overall efficiency.

Belagavi district boasts numerous tourist attractions that have the potential to boost industrial businesses in the area. Therefore, it is imperative to develop these tourist spots to attract more visitors and stimulate economic growth.

Additionally, the Udyambag area is home to several industries, and it is crucial to establish more power stations to ensure a consistent and uninterrupted power supply in these areas.

To elevate the status of the cricket stadium at Auto Nagar in Belagavi, floodlights and a gallery system should be installed. This enhancement would enable the stadium to host international-level matches as well as IPL matches, further elevating its reputation.

He strongly urged the immediate commencement of the Kidwai Hospital project to cater to the healthcare needs of the community.

Lastly, the establishment of the Kittur Karnataka Development Authority is vital for the comprehensive development of Belagavi district. This authority would focus on implementing various initiatives to uplift the region and enhance the quality of life for its residents, Patil added.

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