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With footpaths turning into Car parking slots, Children are forced to walk on road

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This is the scene at Independence Road Camp Near St Paul’s School (Marked in Red box), which could be a clear case of violation of the right to life guaranteed to the citizens under Article 21 of the Constitution of India & the Honourable Judgement of the High Court.

The road near St.Paul’s high school also has a similar fate, all parents want to give VIP treatment to their wards and wish to pick them up from the gate itself. Whereas they can park on Chapel Road and the main road can be left empty for crossing over and other traffic.

It looks like no lessons learned from all these days where we are losing young innocent children’s life due to “HEAVY VEHICLES TRAFFIC” & moreover we have “IRRESPONSIBLE CITIZENS” parking their vehicles on the footpath forcing pedestrians & children to walk on the main road risking their life & also the vehicles are damaging good footpaths by parking on it are we waiting for some more life’s to be lost?

Many would say it’s just a matter of 30 mins but in those 30 mins, if the same is not managed, we will lose one precious life.

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Parents coming to pick up their wards must understand there are others who have to walk back home and they should get the preference, but as cars are parked on the footpath, they are forced to walk on the road and as the Heavy trucks are diverted via the same route for reasons only known to the Police, it is a very dangerous situation.

Self-discipline is needed and so are the Police personnel who stand there for 30 mins and manage that traffic.


The police always reply they have a dearth of staff and hence cant depute persons but at the same time, they can depute 5 persons to catch hold of persons not wearing helmets at Yendhe khoot and Congress road. This is not very new and has been happening for ages, but the harum-scarum attitude of the police is heart-wrenching.

When the other day VVIP came, on every cross there was a constable present, then from where did they get those people? A common man’s life is not important. We were Mango People and we will Die as the same.

Even after the parents gave a memorandum to Police Commissioner, Cantonment, Brigadier & the DC still no action has been taken as yet. Why ??

We request the Police, Administration & Cantonment to come into action to stop further damages to life & public property says Mrs. Anuja D (Parent).

5 thoughts on “With footpaths turning into Car parking slots, Children are forced to walk on road”

  1. When did Belgaum children ever walk on footpath?? When did they ever learn traffic rules? When did the shopkeepers ever leave footpaths unencrosched? Our city and the whole nation is a curse for car owners and tax payers. Given a chance leave this country

  2. Very relevant and aptly put. And let them please also think of the senior citizens on foot and other pedestrians who are most often given the short shrift and even shouted at.. Senior citizens compelled to drive are given the same treatment, often honked at and terrorized. Police should do traffic management and not stand in groups at corners collecting fines, even delaying this process to embarrass the generally law abiding . .citizens… & etc.. etc!

  3. Even garage vehicles, vegetable & fruit vendors, mobile canteen vehicles & many other have occupied the footpaths.
    It’s not only problem to the children, students but also to the elderly & others.
    If footpaths are used for only walking then, we can witness some less traffic.

  4. This is not only in camp area but everywhere in Belgaum . Very poor roads,no footpaths,if footpaths are there then they are occupied by tea sellers, vegetable vendors, and many more petty sellers. Neither the city corporation nor the politicians are worried about citizens . When compared to other cities our Belgaum is having very very bad roads,poor footpaths,. If you travel on congress road ,Vaccine depot road,and Mandoli road you will realise..


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