Youth detained thrashed for obscenity

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The Indian Express and Tarun Bharat have made a story on a youth who called himself a photographer and lured the young girls towards him basically using his Facebook profile. He has been alleged of shooting videos and photos of women and even blackmailing them. The incident came to light when a girl told all these things to her family and then they thrashed him and handed over to the local police station. 

His name is Sudhanshu alias Sudarshan Dodmani about 21 years, not sure if this is his real name as we found out he had 5-6 fake Facebook ID’s. His image with a cross on his photo is also circulating on the Facebook since yesterday evening when the incident occurred.

Indian Express says, “He shot photos and videos after they drugged and they were almost unconscious. His laptop, pen drives have been found to contain such images as complained. Sources told his basic modus Operandi was to lure the young college going girls with photos published of others call them home and click the photos.

All his fake profiles have been deleted from Facebook now.

We would like to give one message to all girls here who are using Facebook or social media, adding an unknown friend on FB is ok, but going and meeting him alone is not a good idea at all.
Dont get allured by the glamor of models each one cannot be an Ash, be youe self as no one else can. 

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  1. Dear All-the-people-who-took-the-efforts-to-scroll-down-to-Comments,

    First of all, it is NOT “okay” to add an unknown person. Facebook itself asks you to accept a friend request if and ONLY if you know that person.

    Secondly, instead of talking about looking glamorous (which is again, a very individual/personal choice) we should understand how much more critical the situation is than it is being shown. Girls should not only beware of people like this, but also immediately report (take an action) those they deeply suspect might be involved.


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