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Koi Bhi Desh perfect Nahi Hota, use perfect banana padta hai.

The above is with respect to the garbage issues in our city Belagavi.

Blame games, name calling, excuses, lack of time and yes, Covid! Despite all this if I tell you that simple steps beginning from your own home however small it is, can reduce Belagavi city’s garbage issue to a great extent, will you believe me?


Well, it’s easy to point to others, but make sure that when you do it, your hands are clean. Here are a few things you can do from the comfort of your own home, to genuinely contribute in making Belagavi a smart city



Use the dry leaves that you find in your garden or street, to make manure. Heap it up in a corner and moisten in. That’s it! Add it to your compost bin if you can. Exchange leaves with people who do not have them. Burning them is like burning resources and causing pollution.


Bring your Own Bag:

Many marginalised but talented women self help groups stitch reusable bags. Help them and your environment. Plastic is immortal.

Bring your Own Bottle:

Mineral water producing companies produce plastic bottles, NOT water. Plastic bottles when heated cause plastic to leach into the water, not safe for human health.

milk pouch

If small pieces of the corners of the plastic are cut, they can easily enter the water bodies and into animals’ stomachs. Be it the milk packet or chips or supari or sachets, keep the corner intact. Recycling also becomes easy.


Those tiny plastic straws are the biggest culprits, cannot be composted, nor reused nor recycled. There are many alternatives; also u can drink without straw.


When we segregate waste into at least WET and DRY, we make our lives easier as well as the safai karmacharis. And when we compost the wet, we totally drive the stink away


Popular as eco bricks, these are nothing but making good use of pet bottles to reduce the volume of your plastic waste. Simply push DRY pieces of plastic into the bottle.


When you do not know where to throw lemon peels after drinking shikanji. Make natural BIO ENZYMES at home. Use it for all home cleaning purposes. It’s as potent as harpic, Colin, or any other chemical product available in the market. Plus it’s free of cost!

It takes a few minutes to follow at least one of these, but when many people join hands, I believe our city will genuinely become smart. This is a campaign and awareness initiative by AllAboutBelgaum for a greener and cleaner city.

How many of you are ready to start with them by making a change?

aarti amulyaboondh compost

Dr.Aarati Bhandare

A dentist by qualification has taken up the social responsibility to speak and create and spread awareness about water conservation and rain water harvesting, Garbage management and many other social issues.

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