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No mask? Pay Rs 1,000 – In Belagavi

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The penalty for not wearing a mask in public places has been hiked to Rs 1,000 in urban areas of the state while it is Rs 500 in rural areas, announced Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar.

It has been seen that many aren’t wearing masks and ones who are, aren’t wearing them properly.

From October 7, Rs. 1000 fine would be collected in Belagavi as well as per the note released by the Commissioner of Police.

Fine will be imposed even if mask is not worn properly, that is the mask must cover the nose and the mouth.


Karnataka Medical Education Minister Dr K. Sudhakar said that the decision has been taken after careful consideration of recommendation by the senior officers. The official directive on the penalties will be out on Thursday, after discussing the same with the Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa.

The government has also decided to take strict action against the people who gather more than 50 people in any public events.

4 thoughts on “No mask? Pay Rs 1,000 – In Belagavi”

  1. Looking at the spread of Covid 19 pandemic at extremely high speed, taking special precautions of coverage of nose and mouth by mask is a must for every individual since failure to do so not only affect him/her but also risks entire society. So increased fine is justified and it is essential.

  2. The same should be followed by the officers and concern department. Law is imposed to all, public has well has government employees.
    Good step taken by government, Hope fast steps will be taken for vaccination.

  3. People riding bicycle will have other alignments
    Pls see that it is only in public places. And not every where .

    Market I see hardly people wearing the same.
    Even govt Dept is not using the same.

    If it’s really make to all the people. Don’t Target few people.

    Not few


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