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People from the metro cities are always admired and lauded for being resilient because the city bounces back after any calamity. But we Belgavkars are nothing less, you see. It’s just that the world media hasn’t taken notice of our resilience. I sometimes wonder if our genetic structure and brains must be deeply studied. We’re super cool. We don’t stress and fret over small problems. That’s why we’re happy. Because we say – It’s alright!

We are getting tap water once a week or 10 days. We have started stocking it now. More. We bought more pitchers. We buy water. Autos supplying water jars are seen everywhere. We pay our water tax and then buy more water. It’s alright.

water supply tanker

The first railway gate road is closed to cross over and go to the other side. We go all the way to the second gate and while returning, come down again to Arun Talkies. It’s almost 1 km extra per rider for every trip. Thousands of people do this every day. It’s alright.


When I was small (like 40 years ago), me and my mom walked to Hindwadi and Tilakwadi to visit my aunt because there were no buses connecting the two suburbs. Even today there aren’t. The roads are widened but the buses within the city have disappeared. We bought bikes and clogged the roads some more. It’s alright.

Ramdev Galli, Ganpat Galli and Kirloskar road are supposed to be one way for traffic. Really. But vehicles move freely from both sides right under the policeman’s eyes. A few years ago I know a man who was hit hard by a speeding biker suddenly appearing on Ramdev Galli from Kelkar bag. He’s doing well now. The man I mean. His wounds have healed. It’s alright.

Ganpat Galli

Our bikes are stopped for document checking randomly. Not the cars. All car drivers, rickshaws, buses, and trucks have their license, PUC, and Insurance documents stuck to the front windshield, so no problem. The traffic police come out with gusto to pick up our bikes parked “wrongly” and extract hundreds of rupees as fine. Now come on, don’t search for the ‘No parking’ board here and there. I know it pains, it pinches really bad to shell out that hard-earned money. That Rs. 1650 as fine can buy you a week’s groceries for a whole family. But it’s alright.


After a long time, Somwar Peth road has been paved. Now the road has dual uses. It is also being used by young drivers to practice for their RTO test. The manholes have jutted out of the entire stretch of the road and it helps to practice zig – zag riding. It’s alright.


Bikers, cars, even trucks freely move on the wrong side on Khanapur road, near RPD cross. At full speed. And if you don’t move to make way for them, they will dare to trample on you. They don’t wear helmets, sit crooked on the bike, and honk loudly all the time. You can’t walk and wonder if you’re the one riding on the wrong side. But we make way, anyway. It’s alright.


We must learn to appreciate Belgavkars. We don’t need meditation classes. We don’t need to chill. We’re already ‘cool’.

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  1. It’s all because when some one tries to raise voice ..the police/administration targets the person or make to sit quit saying it will be done….its not the cool mind it’s the public fed up or habit of use to it…!!

  2. Belagavi is growing, growing very fast beyond recognition, more the widening more the congetion. Vehicle population has increased trenondously sans traffic orderliness and total disregard for civic sense and rules. People rue for every inconvenience but non to complain. People have learnt to live with inconvenience. This is the story of all the growing cities, belgavi is no exception.

  3. Well said, you spoke the mind of Belgavkars, Belgaum govt takes the initiative of Smart City, they first need to focus about the basic needs of the citizens, the very true point of water problem, we need a special person to fill the water for 10 days, and if we left to filled the water at that date, then you need a water tanker, literally we are living with with so many issues, but It’s alright.

  4. Great article Mr. Editor. Even after paying huge taxes, what we get is just assurance. The Chalta hay attitude is deep routed you know.

  5. Yes. We are fed-up. We pay advance water bill, it is 24 HR water supply in our area. That is also same story. Last 15 days back no water for 15 days. We all called so many times to water office, they say “it is given to L and T peoplecomplaim to that office” .
    Again our area carporators and area MLA started visiting conducted meeting. Now we r getting water daily but not as 24/7……but we get.
    under smart city, please do conduct activities or projects to full fill daily needs.
    As we are middle class people, we don’t come under any backward class, nobody give free rations or anything to us. We work we pay all tax and we need facility. It from our money to spend on this. Why delay?


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