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Definitely not a joy ride

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Cute little kids riding on a bike, looks nice, isn’t it? It is a great source of satisfaction for the parent who can proudly claim that my child has grown up.
Wow! What an accomplishment!!

Now let us consider 6 scenarios:

1. The kid’s zoom around the city, have all the fun they want and nothing happens. A happy event for everyone. No one will even notice or talk about it since all is well that ends well.

2. The kids zoom around the city but then, thanks to the condition of the road, the bike slips and they have a fall. Luckily, no one gets hurt. They are strong lads. No damage is done so they pick themselves up, a few eyebrows are raised and they get back to business again. Life moves on. Bad incidents need to be forgotten and such falls can always be blamed on the pathetic condition of the roads. The Government is to blame and maybe even the Traffic Police. It is their fault. Not that of the kids.

3. The kids zoom around the city and thanks to the wonderful power packed into their bike, they hit to the divider. They have a fall, the vehicle gets damaged. The eyebrows are raised even more. Why can’t they make stronger vehicles? In good old days, the bikes used to have metal exteriors so nothing used to happen. This is all the fault of the manufacturer and we can do nothing about it. If they have a license, insurance might be claimed, otherwise, the parents save themselves from the embarrassment by sweeping the matter under the carpet. Hush, hush!!

4. The kids zoom around the city, have a greater fall and one or more get hurt.
Unfortunately, the damage is rather serious and it calls for hospital expenses. Maybe the one in the driver’s seat gets the blame. The surgery is done if just a minor treatment does not suffice and life moves on.

5. The kids zoom around the city and accidentally happen to hit someone. It is not their fault. The person just came in their way and it could not be avoided. The poor parents pay a compensation, lots of eyebrows are raised and maybe now it makes it to the newspapers but life moves on.

6. The kids zoom around the city and something more serious happens. God forbid, but it does happen. Maybe a life or two is lost but then life is quite cheap in a city like ours. A few families are shaken up. There is an even more gory story in the papers, a few stupid and inconsiderate people even click photos but soon it is forgotten and life moves on. If another vehicle is involved, especially a larger one like a truck, then the bigger crime is blamed, the cops are blamed, the roads are blamed, there are a few protests but life moves on.

Such incidents are common and we have raised the issue several times before. Nothing seems to change on the ground. Sadly, all the parties involved do not seem to care unless something really unfortunate happens. Kids without a license, both boys and girls, especially those riding triple seated, pose a grave danger not only to themselves but also others around. And this crime is not restricted to one age since we can see adults and even complete families indulging in the same.

But life moves on and in a vastly populated country like ours, life is very cheap.

Fine and Punishment:
Driving a Motor Vehicle in any public place by an underaged person – Sec.4 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act. Fine of Rs. 500

Owner of a Motor Vehicle permitted any person to drive his/her Vehicle in contravention of section 3 or 4. Sec.5 read with Sec.180 of the M.V. Act. Fine Rs.1000

This could be your child, your relative, your friend, an entire family or maybe just someone whom you don’t know or it could be you, but shouldn’t we make it everyone’s responsibility to see that this comes to an end?

Definitely not a joy ride……

11 thoughts on “Definitely not a joy ride”

  1. Complete mistake of the parents and carelessness. Children need to be educated properly and need to understand the rules, the laws and age factor.

  2. Can we not have control room number published to inform along with a photograph and vehicle number when such incidents take place. This is a common scenario in Vadgoan, bhagyanagar, Tilakwadi area.. specially college road and Deshmukh road .. Do consider cc tv on college road and deshmukh road please .. unfortunately they escape unharmed and innocent people pay the price.. May be the traffic police can consider counselling of parents along with the kids on receipt of such complaints ..

  3. The parents should be punished and their license suspended with fines for such activity. It is very irresponsible on parents to allow children to drive, when they are not of legal age to drive.

  4. Nice article. Some rules should be strictly followed. Youngsters riding bikes which create lot of noise… going children riding a two wheeler, a common scenario. Sometimes I feel parents don’t know where pampering should be shown n where rules have to be set. There r some parents who show pride in boasting of such activities. Please it’s a request to all teenagers n parents….rules r made for good. There is no style in driving overspeed creating noise….people rather will curse u when u passby. Accidents will not only cause u or ur family harm , sometimes ur negligence may ruin some other person ‘s family for no fault of theirs. Just imagine. …accident takes place. …death … bears loss …or accident may paralyse the rest of life…..imagine the worst….will surely help u to be careful in future

  5. Yes it is very hard to get the kids to the concerned matter as the educates both of parents and kids, they only have to enjoy the ride. We will hope for the best not worst that’s time will …..
    Thanks… good POST.

  6. Parents are also to blame, children watch their parents breaking rules, especially if you see the way parents enter the wrong way on I gate, near RPD cross Canara Bank , it’s no surprise why children take it for granted that rules can be broken. We blame the government, the roads, the police, the friends , etc everyone but ourselves. Until we as parents can’t follow rules and discipline, we can’t blame the children for not doing so.

  7. Primary responsibility is of parents who have to rein in their children.
    The police also should not turn blind eye and book cases.

  8. Hi, I’m Richard Rozario- a Belgaumite who lived in Pune for most of my life. Right now, I’m living abroad. Sadly, in India- no one likes to follow the rules. Instead- they prefer to point a finger towards others. We need stricter rules and regulations.
    It’s time we respect other road users and public alike.

    Thank You
    Richard Rozario


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