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 Myths about kidney disease – Dr. Vernekar Ritesh

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Kidney disease is easily diagnosed by simple urine test & blood creatinine testing-usually many patients have a tendency of taking Urine-trace protein/Albumin or mild proteins / Albumin like 1+ protein as normal or “chalta hai it’s Ok type” attitude.
But normally urine should show absent.

March 14 is observed as World Kidney Day

Protein/Albumin in urine & blood Creatinine should be less than 1.3mg in males or less than 1.1mg in females from a decent Laboratory again hear creatinine 1.4 or 1.5 many patients take as normal but creatinine > 1.3 signifies considerable decreases in kidney function

Urine – protein/Albumin if present even in mild form signifies early kidney disease has begun.

Kidney disease or kidneys are weak or kidneys have failed-means problem is there in both kidneys if one kidney fails absolutely there is no risk to the patient’s life.

Kidney stones -there is no permanent cure for kidney stones, once a stone patient the person is life long at risk of developing stones so he has to adhere proper diet to prevent stones & periodically sonography scans have to be done to detect early small stones.
Stone problems are not to be neglected as 10-15% of permanent damaged kidneys patients on dialysis the cause of kidney failure are stones.

Urine infection-all urine infections are not to be taken lightly especially if it is in a diabetic individual. Recurrent urine/kidney infection is a very common cause of permanent kidney failure & it accounts for 10% of all permanent kidney damage patients.

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No replacement for common salt/Nacl– whenever doctors say take less salt in food common query is are there certain special salt preparation which can be replaced to common salt answer is NO. No preparation other than NaCl can give salty taste it’s just like old wine in a new bottle.

Alternative medicine-no alternative medicine/gouti medicines as we generally say are safe in kidney disease.
The general perception is that some say these alternative medications have no side effects but as per our practice we have seen all patients who have consumed these medications have landed in problems & worsening of kidney problem.

Not all kidney disease are irreversible/permanent-there are two types of kidney failure/disease Temporary & Permanent more than 50% cases are temporary disease here maximum patient improve with correct treatment.

Once a patient is told that he requires dialysis it does not mean that dialysis is life long or permanent-temporary/acute kidney failure requiring dialysis patient has > 90% chance of kidney improvement. Dialysis is also temporary for short duration

Dialysis is harmful-a common misconception is dialysis is harmful but on the contrary, dialysis is a life-saving procedure. If kidneys have failed simple dialysis will do all the life-saving need which kidneys normally do. Other organ failures like heart failure/brain failure/liver failure the treatment is very very complex & the results are very poor. So dialysis is a simple treatment of kidney failure with good results.

No new treatment for permanent kidney failure until NOW-only options of permanent kidney failure are kidney transplant or life Long dialysis at PRESENT no new treatment is available for permanent kidney failure

Kidney donor is at RISK post kidney donation-kidney donor is at NO risk after kidney donation

No kidney bank-there are no kidney bank there are only two types of kidney donor – LIVE or CADAVER.
Live donor means usually related donor, Cadaver – means, not kidneys taken from the dead body but they are taken from BRAIN DEAD individual with normal beating heart & good blood pressure with normal kidneys

About the Author: Dr. Vernekar Ritesh (MD., DM (Nephrology) is an associate professor & senior Nephrologist, transplant physician at KLE’s Dr.Prabhakar Kore hospital Belagavi & has done more than 20 transplants in KLE hospital Belagavi.
Clinic: Super Specialty Clinic,
Dr. B R Ambedlar Road, Belagavi (Opposite BIMS & Next Jagajampi Bajaj). Contact 94490 61633, 0831-4206525 or [email protected].

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