Commonwealth youth games Baton in Belgaum on 14th


love dale belagavi

The baton relay of the Commonwealth youth games 2008 will have a city run on 14-09-2008.

Bibiano Fernandez: International Football Player, BRUNO COUTINHO winner of the Arjuna football award, Hakkimuddin S.H Olympian Swimming Player, JESMON J. CARVALHU Jr.International Football Player, LAVINO FERNANDES Jr.International Football Player, Micky Fernandes International Football Player, Ms Salma Fernandes International Football Player, Roberto Fernandes A.Games Football Player, SHILTON EUSEBIO Jr.International Football Player, Talasha Prabhu Winner of the SAF -Gold award, Tarini Singh International Football Player. All these will running with the baton.

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