Little Karuna Waghela aims to do limbo skating 60 mins non stop

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Karuna Waghela practicing Limbo Skating at Belgaum
Karuna Waghela practicing Limbo Skating at Belgaum

Belgaum has been a home for skaters of world repute in the recent past, winning many accolades and bringing back laurels from all over the country and also international.

Adding to the long list of skaters and especially the Limbo skaters is a new name of a little girl who is 6 years old studying on DP school, Karuna Rajan Waghela. Karuna’s dad is a plumber by profession and her mother is a home maker.

Karuna has aimed, that people of this country should forget the ill-feeling among them and get inspired by the spirit of Universal Brotherhood.
The “little dynamo” is very enthusiastic about her attempt to Limbo skate for 60 mins nonstop. When we asked her will you be able to skate for 60 mins she said, “Come and see, I will do more.”

Karuna will perform a 60-minute non-stop Limbo skating show – `For the Unity of the Nation’ – from 8 am to 9 am on May 4 at the KLES Skating Rink RLS campus in Belgaum.

Karuna is taking training under the able guidance of skating coach Suryakant Hindalgekar at the Belgaum roller skating academy.
The total distance she would cover would be approximately 4 kms. She will be changing her position every 9 seconds in her attempt to make a record. She would skate for a while then do the complete stretch of 180 degrees and pass under a bar on two occasions on each lap and again skate for a while and repeat the same.
Karuna’s elder sister is also national skating participant and when asked who skates the best, Karuna replied, “Ofcourse me.”

She has been taking training for the past 3 years now.
We must salute this little champ and encourage her in achieving her dreams. All the best Karuna….

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  1. I really discourage such act by the little tots. I really feel pity of the parents and coach for their “RECORD” making efforts. A six year old child … Limbo skating…and `…For the Unity of the Nation’ ????. Any relation between these??? Does the child know what the unity and the nation means. For me its just cruel act, a kind of child labour. Publicity stunt. Sorry if i am hurting anybody.

    The kids reality shows and such stunt acts are killing the innocence & the childhood of Kind!!! SORRY


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