National level wrestling championship


National level wrestling championship belgaumOn April 24, Maharashtra Maidan (ground) in Yallur village will host the National level wrestling championship and Olympain wrestler Sushil Kumar will be the chief guest.
The  first contest of the championship will be between National gold medalist and Hind Kesari awardee Hitendra Kumar of Haryana and  Vasant Kumar of Haryana.
Others contests would be between Bharatkumar Jaywant of Delhi and National champion Raju of Mumbai. Shivay Rajveer of Delhi will fight against Ravi Yadav of Mumbai, Mahesh Kumar of Haryana against Audumbar Mhasal of Khavaspur, Kartik Kate of Davengere against  Sunil of Haryana, Anil Dhotre of Pune against Anilo Rana of Delhi, Santosh Jagatap of Sangola against Bhicchu Tomar, Suresh of Harayana versus Nishant Patil of Kangrali (Belgaum), Pradeep of Haryana versus Swapnil of Khorvi, Suresh Ghadi of Yallur (Belgaum) versus Shashi of Harugeri, Shivaji of Athani against
Manajeet of Haryana, Sagar of Mudhol versus Mahesh Patil, Nikhil of Ganeshpur versus Pandurang Shinde of Halgur. Akash Ghadi of Yallur versus Mahesh Nilawade of Pune and Prashant of Chapgaon versus Rahul Mote of Sangli. 


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