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Taking Football to Another Level Through Magic Sports and Event Management

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Hrishi and Garima Bang from Belagavi bootstrapped and founded Magic Sports & Event Management, a sports management company based in Belagavi that aims to provide high-quality coaching for children and promote sports properties for kids and adults, giving them the opportunity to rekindle their love for their favorite sport.

Their sporting properties include the Belagavi Youth/League, Football Development League, Veterans Football Championship, and Corporate Sports Championship, catering to individuals of all ages. From toddlers to grandparents, everyone can find a sport to play with Magic Sports. This inclusive approach to our services has enabled us to rapidly expand our community since 2022.

Speaking to AAB, Hrishi said that they are striving to provide an organized way of teaching and playing football for all ages, ranging from 5 to 20 years old. They want to give each player the opportunity to play football in a supportive and friendly atmosphere that emphasizes fun, enjoyment, and skill development at a level that suits their interests and abilities. Additionally, they aim to create a challenging environment for talented players who aspire to become professional footballers.

Hrishi himself holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management from the International Institute of Sports Management in Mumbai and has worked with Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools, India’s largest grassroots football company, for three years as an operational and business manager for the Gujarat region.

Hrishi and Garima Bang

Garima, a Postgraduate Diploma holder in Sports Management from the International Institute of Sports Management (IISM) in Mumbai, stated that their aim is to become the premier institute for grassroots football development (ages 5-14) by striving for excellence and fostering relationships within the football community in a sustainable way. Their philosophy is to create not only good footballers but also good people. They are beginning with high-performance batches for talented footballers, and they hope to have at least three of their students representing Karnataka at the national level within the next two years.

Belagavi is home to many talented sportspeople, but unfortunately, there is a lack of good sports infrastructure and tournaments to showcase their talent. To bridge this gap, we are striving to create a community of people who encourage playing sports. We believe that sports should be a way of life, and to that end, we have been training over 100 kids at St.Paul’s School since June 2022.

Additionally, we have conducted North Karnataka’s biggest grassroots football tournament, the Belagavi Youth/League, with over 450 students from 20 different schools and football clubs participating in over 300 matches over 8 weekends, with a total of 48 teams. We hope that Belagavi people will adopt this philosophy and make sports a way of life, Hrishi added.

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