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Brand Name of the Startup
MeuKron Technologies
Core Focus Area
Healthcare Manufacturing
Description about the startup
Point-of-care diagnostics which is based on microfluidics technology, has gained immense attention after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. However, the bottleneck in the value chain of such devices is in the R&D and prototyping phase, which requires long gestation time, large amounts of capital, and adequate infrastructure (clean rooms).
Owing to the healthcare challenges in India, it is imperative for organisations to develop point-of-care solutions at a faster pace.
We at MeuKron Technologies are helping healthcare organisations save valuable time and cost on the prototyping of Microfluidic based point-of-care devices by developing a rapid prototyping solution, thereby accelerating their product development cycle.
Startup Registered
Website address
Applicant Name
Neeraj Bagi
[email protected]
Registered Office Address
Plot no. 7, 3rd main, 2nd cross, Basava Colony, Bauxite road, Belagavi

Founder Details
Neeraj Bagi
Co-Founder Details
Founded Year
Are you a Pre Revenue Company
Funding – If you have got any funding share details
MeitY’s TIDE 2.0 from FITT IIT Delhi; Supported by IISc Bangalore.
Investors – List of investors if any
Describe Product or Service
The product is a simple table-top equipment that will house an advanced hybrid manufacturing technology to rapidly prototype healthcare microfluidic devices.
Elaborate on the scalability of the Product or Service
Currently, the product is being built to cater to the prototyping needs of healthcare point-of-care (microfluidic) devices. However, the core technology can be used in other industries such as aerospace, watch making, silicon semiconductor, and others.
Elaborate on the innovativeness
The USP of the product is low cost, rapid prototyping, and material agnostic fabrication of healthcare microfluidic devices.
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