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The Urban local body elections ie. Belagavi City Corporation elections are due to be held on September 3.

In a democracy each citizen has to vote at the same time each candidate must come and tell the public, in this case; his ward members what he will do when he is elected and why should people vote for him?

Day of Voting September 3 from 7 AM to 6 PM

The information shared here as submitted by the candidate we haven’t verified the same.


Name : Gultaz Khan

Age: 47 years

Ward No. 19

Party: Aam Aadmi Party

Symbol: Jhaadu


Contact No. +91 9035901994





Assets & …

Liabilities: Nil

Things you promised to do in your ward:

  1. Corruption free and citizen friendly Belagavi City Corporation.

A. 24/7 online and offline helpline for services and grievances

B. Time bound door step delivery of BMC services

C. Building permissions within 10 days.

  1. Free 15,000 litres of water to every house per month with 24/7 supply.
  2. High Quality primary health clinic in every ward and industrial area.
  3. Free Bus facility for women within Belagavi city limits.
  4. New Schools as per Delhi Model
  5. Free Laptops for low income group students.
  6. Multi-storey vehicle parking facility.
  7. Up-gradation of all parks with open gym and children play equipments.
  8. New indoor stadium and up-gradation of all sports facilities for future Olympians of Belagavi.
  9. 100 Auto-rickshaw stands with rain shelters, Drinking water facilities and Free Wi-Fi.
  10. For women empowerment: microfinance loans facility to women organizations upto Rs. 1,00,000/- and for Widow women’s upto 50,000/-
  11. Clean city and garbage-free wards and roads.
  12. Provision of basic amenities in all Ashray housing colonies and akrama-sakrama layouts.
  13. Blockage-free underground drainage and storm water drains.
  14. Existing industrial estates to be upgraded to Five star rating with drainage and 24/7 water supply and representative committee.
  15. Squad with marshals for maintaining roads, gutters, open plots, BMC properties, parks & trees.

Why Should people Vote for you:

Worked with students of KV No.2, Belagavi in cleaning the area in Laxmi Tek which was very dirty. The people were very upset with me and children went with Brooms to clean the area. Now there are chat/paani puri stalls there. People still remember it. I won the National award as a best Innovative Teacher on 2nd and 3rd March 2020 at New Delhi from Mr. Ramesh Pokhri …. And Prakash Javdekar. I helped students with financial difficulties with free tuition. I am district captain, scout and guides and NCC “B” and “C” certificate holder

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  1. Madam,

    Your profile is interesting and felt to request you with below approach.

    I saw many Portfolio of the candidates, no one has covered about Public Toliets, which is a major backlog in Belgaum City and Entire District.

    Please Plan to add Public Toilets into your (Thing you promise) as like in Bangalore (Swach Bangalore) at least Pay and Use Toilet.



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