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Picnic spots

The Temples of Halshi

Halshi temple

Halasi was called Palasika in ancient times and the Bhoo Varaha Laxmi Narasimha Temple is one of the best examples of the Kadamba style of architecture. The tower is 50 ... Read More »

Gokak Falls


The Gokak Falls during this time of year falls with all its grandeur but this year, it is not the case this year around but even then these photos taken ... Read More »

Legendary Kalsa to Sural Trek


by Infinity Adventures [box_light]Places of Interest: Kalsa Stream, Kalsa Waterfall, Sural Waterfall Distance: To & fro Motorable distance is about 120 kms.[/box_light] About the Trek: One of the best and ... Read More »

Shimbola water falls


by Infinity Adventures Infinity Adventures in Belgaum has been organizing trekking for many years. They have a team of trekkers who keep on finding newer places which are the hidden treasures ... Read More »

Sundi water falls

Belgaum Sundi

Belgaum is nestled between nature and we are very lucky to be so near to nature. In the monsoons there are many places that can be a great spot for ... Read More »

CM at Floating cafeteria


CM B S Yedurappa along with other district ministers and officials had breakfast at the Floating cafeteria at the fort lake. Azrekar of Darshan Udyog Samuha who are maintaining the ... Read More »