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Price rise the novel assassin

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It feels great to see the sensex zoom past the 5000 mark & also see Tendulkar go past 17000 but it feels bad to see Tea costing Rs.9 per cup and Onions costing you Rs.35/Kg. With this entire rise, Gold is also moving upward direction and now 10 grams will cost about Rs.17800 and Silver will cost Rs.295 for 10 grams.

It was a not so good monsoon then which caused a price hike and now rain during harvest time has taken away the meal from the mouth of both farmers and public.

Inflation is still at its lowest (tough it’s increasing now into the positives) but the price rise is eminent and the Agriculture minister himself comes forward and says that price rise of agri commodities is eminent for the next 3 months. It should have been otherwise, but our ministers are different aren’t they.

Here is a list; what will you buy and how much?

vegetablesTomato – Rs.18/Kg.; Onions – Rs.30/Kg; Potato – Rs.22/Kg; Shimla Mirch – Rs.40/Kg; Cauliflower – 20/Kg; Ladies Finger – Rs.20/Kg; Lemon – Rs.2.50 for 1 piece;

Mutton – Rs.215/Kg; Chicken (broiler) – Rs.98/Kg; Eggs- Rs.36/dozen

Tea – Rs.10/ cup in Hotel.

Masala Dosa – Rs.30; Idli(plate) – Rs.15; Uddin Vada – Rs.25; Shira – Rs.15; Puri Bhaji – Rs.30idli-dosa

Tur Dal – Rs.95/Kg; Sugar – Rs.37/Kg; Refined Oil Sunflower – Rs.60/Kg;

Some prices posted on 26 June 2008 Dosa- Rs.25 Idli Rs.15 Puri Bhaji- Rs.20 Tea- Rs.6; Belgaum

Note: All vegetable Prices will vary on a day to day basis. So when you go out to buy the price might have changed. And all these prices are from main Market in Belgaum, if you buy the same in Tilakwadi or else where they will be higher.

3 thoughts on “Price rise the novel assassin”

  1. I used to hear my grandmother telling me the sjyrocketing prices….I live in US and it is just not possible to imagine the prices…Good article. Love the website. Keep up the good work. This website is a good source of information for people living outside India…

  2. Does any one agree with me that development of industries on agricultural land and conversion of agricultural land into residential area also contributes to the increase in food prices.


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