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Voluminous facets of a Business Administration Course..!!!

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by Suhas Rajput
Amidst the colloquial yet critical aspect of making a choice in the stream of commerce, many students have been struggling in understanding the scope of various career options existing with different courses available after the pre-university. In order to choose the right path, the students and quite obviously their parents are going pillar to post to gather the right set of information before they take a final call on their wards career oriented course.bba

Looking into the crux of the decision making process and the prominence of making the right choice in picking up the course, lets’ look into one such terminal course in Business Administration available to the students and also the essentialities of choosing the same which would build a strong foundation in designing a strong career. The Bachelors course in Business Administration is indeed a vibrant course designed to provide the right set of knowledge to the students and prepare them professionally to face the competitive world across various domains. Some of the key attributes that a student earns through them are narrated in the points below.

Subject Diversity

The Business Administration Course has been designed keeping in view the trends of the business arena, and accordingly the subjects have been included within the course structure. The students are exposed across various subjects which vary across domains like marketing, human resource, logistics, sales, financial management, etc. The student is made to gather quite essential knowledge from the above mentioned subjects in the span of three years, which plays a vital role in understanding the subject matter and have a rich knowledge of the business arena.

Practical Exposure

The course coerces the student to taste the water in practical aspects of the subjects that are taught within the four walls of the classrooms. The internship projects that are entrenched in the course, makes the student undergo the practical process of knowing the subjects in real world and helps them in understanding the same from the industry perspective. The internship opportunity makes the students to study the relevant industry in context of their area of interest and gather the relevant skills needed to make a career, which helps them in fixing up their roots strong for a promising career. The internship opportunity is undoubtedly the USP of the course, which helps the students to know and accordingly prepare themselves with the pre-requisites of the industry or the career they dream of.

Recruiters Choice

With various aspects embedded into the course, it makes the students prepare themselves for a challenging and real time situations. Companies across various domains look towards them as a competitive and challenging human resource for various job roles. There have been numerous cases where a business administration graduate having entered the industry at an executive level, have been elevated to managerial positions over a period of time. There have also been instances, where organizations offer to choose graduates over post-graduate management students across various job roles offered to fresh candidates. And this has installed a lot of confidence amidst various other recruiters to continue hiring these graduates and provide a platform to demonstrate their capabilities and create a win-win situation for both of them.

An Entrepreneurial Journey

The Business Administration course also creates a platform for students from family business upbringing, to enrich their knowledge that is suitable to the business domain they wish to go back or start something on their own. The spectrum of subjects that is learnt during the span of the entire course, aids the student towards relating the same to their family business. And the same helps the student to enter the family owned business more confidently and innovate various new avenues to grow it. The internship opportunity also enables the student to gain practical experience in the arena where their family business interest lies (with other reputed organizations) which would prove to be an enriching and real learning experience.

Acquiring Skills over Knowledge

The course provides an unparalleled opportunity to the students in not just gaining the knowledge but also equips them in understanding the applicability of the same, thereby helping them in acquiring the relevant skill sets. The Business administration course is an opportunity to identify and develop the right set of skill sets needed in the competitive environment. With industry expectations scaling high on a daily basis, the course sets across a right tone of rigor that enables the students to pick the quite essential skill sets needed to carve a successful career.

Value Additions

Apart from the regular classroom sessions and internship projects, the course also provides an opportunity to the students to demonstrate their talent and gain a wider exposure across various domains in the form of management festivals, industry-sponsored projects, volunteering into various extra-curricular activities or taking up different certification programs, which may be offered on campus or can be taken by the student independently. With innumerable opportunities stacked into the course spanning over a period of three years, the Bachelors of Business Administration is evidently a golden opportunity for the students in laying a strong foundation and shaping their career in the right direction.

About the Author: Mr.Suhas Rajput is a Certified Corporate Trainer & Facilitator and assists the student community in career counselling through his institute: Trinity Finishing School in Belgaum.

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