Railways have no plan to widen Third gate

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Since the past couple of weeks each one is talking about the road widening in the city and especially of Khanapur road which is under PWD and is to be a 120 feet road from Maratha Mandir to Peeranwadi a stretch of 5.5 kms. But what about the THIRD GATE, in a story published in the Pudhari today, The chief engineer has made mention of 4 overbridges but makes no mention of Third gate. The engineer also said the work on the same would commence after getting an order from the Court.
So does this imply that the PWD is building a funnel road, where from 120 feet road on each side of the gate itself would be of the current size of 40-45 feet.third-railway-gate-belgaum

If this is true then what is the use of the widening as the biggest hurdle is at the gates.

ROB details –

Kapileshwar ROB gate No.385 – 19.38 Crores 500 mtrs long and 7.5 mtrs wide

Old PB Road gate No.388 – 18.52 Crores 500 mtrs long and 11.5 mtrs wide

First gate No.382 – 12.5 crores 500 mtrs long and 11.5 mtrs wide

Second gate No.383 – 12.5 crores 500 mtrs long and 11.5 mtrs wide

We at AAB are not city planners nor well qualified to pin point the lacuna’s in the plans made by the Engineers of the PWD. But as a common man, I see great travail when works are begun with no proper planning. What is the use of widening the road to 120 feet and keeping the Third railway gate as it is.
The PWD road plan we have accessed also makes no mention of what will happen at Third gate?

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